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Six Sigma Systems

Who is Six Sigma Systems?

Six Sigma Systems, Inc. is a boutique provider of results focused six sigma, lean manufacturing programs and consulting services. Our programs are leading edge, customized to the particular need of our client. Our partnership with you begins by understanding your business goals, opportunities and organizational landscape. With this information in mind we design and customize six sigma, lean manufacturing programs that are tailored to your needs. Our expertise and content library exceeds that of traditional six sigma or lean manufacturing providers giving us the ability to design a program that delivers on your goals.

Our associates' qualifications far exceed industry standards. Every associate is a well grounded practitioner with a minimum of 10 years of improvement experience utilizing six sigma and lean manufacturing principals. We understand pragmatic results delivery and our program will support leadership direction by delivering with reliability and efficiency. We measure our success by your success. Number of clients, people trained etc. are not the most important metrics to us - your satisfaction and the results delivered for your business are.

One example of our leading edge offerings is ServiceSigma™. As a leader in the development of high impact Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing programs ServiceSigma™ focuses Lean and Six Sigma especially in the area of business process improvement. This unique program is designed for driving results in non-manufacturing environments. ServiceSigma is not, like many others, a Six Sigma program with a business process flavor. It is completely designed with the improvement of business processes in mind. This program is based on our experience working large scale business process projects such as: Post-merger integration, Supply chain redesign, cash conversion, compliance assurance.

ServiceSigma allows aiming the entire business towards customer and shareholder value creation. It teaches key six sigma and lean improvement principles, provides a robust and comprehensive improvement model and trains the use of tools to achieve tangible results.

Our Six Sigma programs have been applied at several Fortune 500 organizations. In technically difficult environments our programs bring the technical edge required to provide an efficient and safe method for improvement. The challenges put forth by continuous processes or destructive samples will be addressed with our six sigma, ServiceSigma™, ServiceNow™ and lean manufacturing programs.

Yet another example of our results focused initiatives is our lean manufacturing program. Expanding on traditional lean manufacturing and kaizen approaches, participants of our workshops not only know how to transition the enterprise to lean manufacturing by applying tools, they will also understand the fundamental principles of lean manufacturing at a technical level. This will lead to employees being able to design work management models with total product delivery cost minimization in mind - from the start.

Our help is also available on a project by project basis. Our associates will be glad to lead projects to meet your needs quickly. We will utilize your resources as much as possible to avoid the failures associated with traditional consulting. In these projects we do not consult, our deliverables will WILL NOT BE REPORTS, THEY WILL BE RESULTS!

If the application of Lean and Six Sigma is on your agenda, contact us to discuss further details. We will be glad to discuss our unique and proven approach with you.

Six Sigma Systems™ client portfolio includes companies such as:

  • American Standard
  • IBM
  • PPG
  • Sprint
  • Unisource Worldwide (a division of Georgia Pacific)
  • Whirlpool Corporation
  • Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
  • Xerox Corporation

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Past Awards...

The winners of The Six Sigma Excellence award for world class revenue cycle.

The winners of The 2009 Global Six Sigma & Business Improvement Awards were announced at The Gala Awards ceremony & Dinner on Wednesday October 14th 2009, held at The Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort, Orlando, Florida.
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