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Six Sigma Systems, Inc. was founded in 1997 to provide a premier level of Six Sigma training to companies serious about driving business improvement and making learning count. Since that time we have continually expanded and improved our programs based on the additional business needs of our customers. We were the first in the industry to recognize the importance of integrating lean manufacturing and six sigma to maximize results. As existing supply chain management processes impeded business results, we designed product delivery systems for manufacturing, repair and overhaul and service applications. In addition, we added organizational design elements such as metrics deployment to our programs to support sustainable results. When our customers needed to improve cash flow quickly, we provided the asset management techniques to capture the opportunity.

Based on our experience leading classes and working projects worldwide, we have continued to develop hands-on exercises and training models designed to generate results faster than what has been commonly accepted in the industry. These methods transformed much of the traditional classroom learning to immediate application on actual projects.

The newest addition to Six Sigma Systems' continuously growing portfolio is ServiceSigma™. Designed for the services industry, this program is derived from our project leadership in service and transactional areas. While leading projects, we developed and integrated additional tools specific to these areas. Many programs are designed primarily for manufacturing environments with service and transactional processes as afterthoughts, ServiceSigma™ is designed specifically to drive improvement in service and transactional processes.

Our extensive network of associates comes from a variety of disciplines, enabling us to design programs that meet your specific needs. As a starting point and an opportunity to get to know each other we can also conduct a baseline with you to determine detailed needs.

Six Sigma Systems, Inc. offers all program components to become a Value Based Enterprise™. Our portfolio of services may be used to structure the entire transition package or it may be used to supplement an existing program.

Today, Six Sigma Systems is a comprehensive provider of process improvement solutions, project support and consulting services. Our areas of expertise span Lean, Six Sigma, supply chain design and management, organizational design, culture assessment, metrics design, baseline assessment and project leadership. Whatever your process improvement needs are, we will implement a program to capture the opportunities and make learning count.

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The winners of The Six Sigma Excellence award for world class revenue cycle.

The winners of The 2009 Global Six Sigma & Business Improvement Awards were announced at The Gala Awards ceremony & Dinner on Wednesday October 14th 2009, held at The Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort, Orlando, Florida.
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