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Learning for the bottom line

ServiceSigma™ is a unique approach to process improvement for service and administrative businesses. It is designed for implementation by visionary leadership wanting to drive measurable improvement. This unique program, with its combination of critical thinking and technical skills, provides a framework for the executive seeking to achieve business results while increasing the skill base of the organization. If bottom line results and resource creation are on your agenda, ServiceSigma™ is the process improvement program for you. Six Sigma Systems, Inc. is committed to providing ServiceSigma™ for your organization while matching our track record of 700% ROI generated for other clients.

ServiceSigma™ is implemented in a hands-on fashion – learning is driven through formal education in conjunction with project work. This method drives process improvement from a comprehensive total service delivery system perspective. The method provided by ServiceSigma™ integrates the key ingredients of successful service delivery processes.

Customer Knowledge:

The customer knowledge segment of the program ensures that the organization is equipped to design a strategy, gather data, analyze data and act on all customer relevant information. It ensures that efficient, reliable data acquisition and analysis methods are used to derive the performance and perception requirements sought by customers.

Process Performance:

The process performance tools of ServiceSigma™ provide the mechanism to implement highly efficient, error minimizing service delivery processes. Many operations in service organizations, such as tele-business centers, are overloaded with “error” handling. These operations attempt to aid customers that have received low service quality in other parts of the process. The errors not only taint the customer experience, their recovery now uses valuable resources that could be used for profit generating activity. Process performance enhancing techniques are an integral part of ServiceSigma™. They are derived from proven industrial techniques such as Lean Business, Six Sigma and Operations Management.

Perception Management:

The perception management elements of ServiceSigma™ revolve around two primary areas: Expectation setting and perception enhancing service elements. While process performance is an important element of service delivery processes, the perception of performance is also key to high marks in customer satisfaction. Perception enhancers are used to leverage the experience of the service encounter beyond mere process performance. In addition to using perception-enhancing basics, it is imperative that expectation setting, for both the customer and the provider side, are adequately managed. ServiceSigma™ provides the techniques to understand expectations and to enhance the service encounter by providing perception investigation and management techniques.


The techniques are a combination of proven critical thinking strategies, statistical methods, process and product design tools, operations management skills , and lean business methods. Some of the techniques taught are: surveying, data mining, case study and test market development, content analysis, focus groups and the use of orthogonal arrays for rapid service prototyping, numerical evaluation of metrics (NEM), service failure modes and effects analysis (SFMEA), service mapping, capacity assessments, queue management, metrics management, etc.

The tools provided will:

  • Streamline the service delivery process
  • Reduce errors in customer encounters and internal processes
  • Reveal factors critical to customer value
  • Optimize capital resources
  • Drive measurable business results

Critical thinking joined with technically superior tools and resources:

Many process improvement programs have come and gone over the years, typically with varying degrees of success. The ServiceSigma™ program structure is built on three elements that guarantee quick success – organizationally and financially:

  • Critical thought
  • Technically superior tools, methods and resources
  • Immediate and practical application of learned principles on actual projects

The ServiceSigma™ Program:

In order to drive value chain wide improvements, it is imperative that Senior Leadership support and sponsor the program. Senior Leaders will become Value Chain Champions, identifying the key projects that must be completed in order for the objectives of the organization to be met. Senior leadership also plays a key role in the communication of expectations and results in addition to providing a feedback mechanism to ensure focus in the organization.

As part of the ServiceSigma™ implementation, Senior Executives will be trained to become effective Value Chain Champions. The following topics will be covered:

  • First Principles of service delivery
  • Objective driven project selection
  • Talent and influence driven team selection
  • ServiceSigma™ improvement infrastructure
  • ServiceSigma™ tools

In the Sponsor Training, those managers that will be involved in the projects selected by Senior Management will be educated about the ServiceSigma™ methods. The purpose of this training is to drive managerial behavior changes to accelerate team project progress as well as to educate management in the basic principles of ServiceSigma™. Managers participating in the Sponsor Training will be exposed to the following topics:

  • First Principles of service delivery
  • Talent and influence driven team selection
  • ServiceSigma™ improvement infrastructure
  • ServiceSigma™ tools
  • Managerial behavioral guidelines

Team Training (4 sessions of 5 days each):

The ServiceSigma™ team training equips teams with the critical thinking skills and the technical skills to efficiently complete projects. Teams will be trained in four one-week sessions over the course of four months. When teams are not being formally trained, they apply the new skills with the assistance of a personal mentor provided by Six Sigma Systems, Inc.

The first two training sessions focus on tools to improve process performance, increase customer knowledge and improve customer perception. The subsequent two training sessions are tailored to the functional area and the respective projects being worked. Participants of the Team Training will clearly understand process improvement from a total service delivery system perspective. In addition they will have advanced exposure to those tools most relevant in their area of responsibility.

ServiceSigma™ is designed to support leaders in accomplishing goals quickly by providing learning for the bottom line!

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