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Advanced Six Sigma ™ Lean Manufacturing Training through SigmaNow™

SigmaNow™ is a unique and proprietary approach to implementing a six sigma and lean manufacturing program. While most traditional six sigma training programs are designed for efficient training material delivery, SigmaNow™ is designed for rapid process improvement execution for large-scale projects in conjunction with efficient training delivery. The SigmaNow™ program is customized for each client. In a SigmaNow™ effort, a group of employees is assigned to a large-scale project and trained just in time on the required tools to accomplish the task at hand. Utilizing the project as a vehicle, all tools are immediately applied and employees are coached real-time on tool usage. The tools delivered are typically broader than six sigma or lean manufacturing and encompass other tools required to accomplish the task. In SigmaNow™ efforts the curriculum is delivered at the rate of project progress and tool need. In addition to providing the training, our associates will support the project during all critical phases. This support ensures a transfer of project management skills for large-scale projects. SigmaNow™ projects are a reliable and proven platform for rapid business result delivery.

Examples of SigmaNow™ projects:

  • Assessment and performance improvement for large-scale customer service organization. Project included determination of customer requirements and preferences.
  • Establishment of product delivery system for manufacturing operation including asset management model from raw materials to finished goods.

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The winners of The 2009 Global Six Sigma & Business Improvement Awards were announced at The Gala Awards ceremony & Dinner on Wednesday October 14th 2009, held at The Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort, Orlando, Florida.
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