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What is six sigma and lean manufacturing?

Six sigma and lean manufacturing are toolkits to reduce waste in business processes. Both, six sigma and lean manufacturing, are proven concepts and have saved clients millions of dollars without capital investment. Six Sigma Systems helps your associates to generate business results. The return on investment provided by our approach exceeds 700%!

What is six sigma?
Six sigma is a philosophy of doing business with a focus on eliminating defects through fundamental process knowledge. Six sigma methods integrate principles of business, statistics and engineering to achieve tangible results.

Six sigma tools are used to improve the processes and products of a company. They are applicable across every discipline including: Production, Sales, Marketing, Design, Administration and Service.

Six sigma offers a wealth of tangible benefits. When skillfully applied by your people:

  • Six sigma reduces costs by 50% or more through a self-funded approach to improvement.
  • Six sigma reduces the waste chain.
  • Six sigma affords a better understanding of customer requirements.
  • Six sigma improves delivery and quality performance.
  • Six sigma provides critical process inputs needed to respond to. changing customer requirements.
  • Six sigma develops robust products and processes.
  • Six sigma drives improvements rapidly with internal resources.

What is lean manufacturing?
Lean manufacturing is a proven approach to reduce waste and streamline operations. Lean manufacturing embraces a philosophy of continually increasing the proportion of value added activity of their business through ongoing waste elimination. A lean manufacturing approach provides companies with tools to survive in a global market that demands higher quality, faster delivery and lower prices. Specifically,

  • Lean manufacturing dramatically reduces the waste chain.
  • Lean manufacturing reduces inventory and floor space requirements.
  • Lean manufacturing creates more robust production systems.
  • Lean manufacturing develops appropriate material delivery systems.
  • Lean manufacturing improves layouts for increased flexibility.

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